Jeffrey Pell Uses Logic to Isolate the Facts of Computing Issues

Being an analytical thinker, Jeffrey Pell has likely rarely worried about improving his brain’s logical powers. Working as an information technology systems engineer places Pell directly in the crosshairs of analysis and evaluating facts every day, which acts as a stimulant to the brain. Those who seek to create a more incisive thinking style can do things which will exercise the brain, and the best suggestions start with reading. Reading more, reading often and reading differently can be a powerful stimulant to increase ways of thinking. When reading a book, don’t skim. Look at the characters and settings from both sides, and form new perspectives on the plot. Ask questions from the point of view of both the protagonist and the antagonist. Consider the reasons for the author’s setting or plot environment. This is known as reading actively, and can result in fresh and exciting ways of thinking.

Jeffrey Pell

An effective brain stimulant is to build one’s mathematical skills. Information technology specialists like Jeffrey Pell use mathematics like calculus, algebra and statistics, requiring the brain to approach problems step by step, using logic and analysis. Repeated working of mathematics problems and puzzle conundrums result in better focus, and as in many other endeavors, practice results in improvements to the brain’s ability to consider different components of a problem one by one and draw conclusions based upon the facts accumulated. Pell’s ability to visualize system workings and articulate system connections to recalculate solutions renders him a consummate information technology professional, melding intellectual ability with information training.

Jeffrey Pell Passes Multiple Exams to Gain Valuable Certifications

To gain certifications such as the MCSA, the MCITP or senior certifications, computing students like Jeffrey Pell must pass the Solutions Expert Private Cloud exam 410, exam 411 for Administering Windows Server 2012, and Exam 412 for Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 work. Once these are successfully completed, the student has earned his or her Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) qualification and Windows Server 2012 credentials. Courses and exams in Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloud and Configuring and Deploying a Private Cloud are also available. Consultants who are qualified as Microsoft Certified IT Professionals (MCITP) and/or Enterprise Administrators MCITP: Server Administrator may earn certifications in Private Cloud computing by successfully passing exams for the Private Cloud information courses listed above. It will be necessary to complete a recertification exam every three years to remain credentialed for the Microsoft Private Cloud qualifications.

Jeffrey Pell

The VMware Professional 5 certification is also one of the credentials of Jeffrey Pell, Network and Systems Engineer and Technical Consultant in information technology out of Allentown, Pennsylvania. The VMware Certified Associate, also known as the VCA, is the entry certification for VMware’s cloud and virtualization products. The Certified Associate exam for VMware requires an understanding of basic virtualization technology and a demonstration of application of that knowledge to VMware products. This credential has distinct components: cloud, data center virtualization, end-user computing and network virtualization. The VMware Certified Associate exam has 50 multiple choice questions with a deadline of 75 minutes. While the Certified Associate exam does not require a training course to be taken, the VMware Certified Professional 5 credential held by Pell does require training education through courses.


Jeffrey Pell Versed in Cisco, Dell, HP, EMC and VMware Systems

Educated at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Information Technology network and systems engineer Jeffrey Pell works today as a consultant in the computing field, and has since the year 2000 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in the United States, and now in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The list of technical skills which Pell brings to his work is exhaustive. As a computer hardware expert, Pell is capable in Cisco, Dell, HP servers and workstations, Dell, EMC and NetApp storage, Barracuda Backup, Message Archiver and Web Filter. Pell is proficient in 3Com, Juniper, Cisco Catalyst switches and Cisco routers, as well as the efficient use of Ethernet and fiber cabling. Pell remains current on all cutting edge computer systems platforms, including Windows 7 and 8 and Windows servers 2003, 2008 and 2012.

Jeffrey Pell

Jeffrey Pell is deeply conversant in a variety of different computer hardware and software applications, exactly what clients expect in an information technology network and systems engineer consultant. Pell works with Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013, the Microsoft Office Communications server OCS of 2007, Lync 2010 and 2013 software, VMware’s VSphere versions 4 and 5, BES, ORF Enterprise programs, GFI Mail Essentials, VIPRE, Symantic Endpoint Protection software, including Symantec Backup Exec and Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery systems. Pell has expertise in the Ghost, Websense, Dreamweaver, Debian and Ubuntu Linux, Zabbix and Shavlik Netchk systems. As an information technology expert, Pell provides database and programming support in Access, MSDE, SQL Express, SQL 2000, 2005, 2008 and 2012, as well as Access VBA, ASP, JavaScript and PowerShell.

 Jeffrey Pell Enjoys the Challenge of Complex Computing Networks

Jeffrey Pell, through his work today in Allentown, Pennsylvania as a network and systems technology engineer, provides expert consulting services to 24 clients to initiate, execute and then support technology products and computing services in servers, cloud platforms and cloud based backup, LAN/WAN networks, data storage and centers and data security.  Pell works in a variety of business industry environments, like banks, financial services, manufacturing, construction management concerns and non-profit organizations.  Pell prides himself on his many successful long-term client relationships, which reflects high customer satisfaction with his IT services.

Long term information technology projects which Jeffrey Pell cites as examples of his skills and ability in the technology field were endeavors where Pell managed consultants and existing staff personnel through a smooth turnover to VMware servers and EMC storage.  Pell built and launched a fresh domain on a new server in order to eliminate any unseen issues which might impede new systems.  Through merging users, files and objects from different domains into a single secure domain, Pell ensured that the switchover would be free of interruptions to users, and Pell used site-to-site replication to ensure resource access.  Pell continued to monitor the computing environment on this project, including management of servers, routers, switches and EMC SAN.  Pell prides himself on his ability to provide leadership for clients, such as his work with a bank with multiple locations and business users.  Pell was a technology advisor and a team mentor, creating and executing multiple technology processes for improvements and training new team members with tools and applications he initiated himself to serve the automation of daily technology tasks.

Jeffrey Pell

Information technology consultant Jeffrey Pell of Allentown, Pennsylvania enjoys the challenge of technology projects, and they do not have to be those where new systems and networks are implemented from the ground up.  Pell also finds daunting provocation in working with previously installed network and computing systems which are not working up to the expectations of clients.  Pell has accomplished an all-encompassing evaluation of a 200 desktop system deployed using cloud technology, and found it performing poorly through inadequate implementation.  Pell was able to provide his client with different types of possible solutions, and then was an advisor for solutions while ensuring that the existing computing environment continued to run smoothly.  Pell worked with the existing cloud provider to maximize performance, and improved the network by melding the work of 4 existing servers into one 2010 server.  Pell also initiated new firewalls, routers and switches at 4 main computing locations.

Information technology expert Jeffrey Pell has served as a leader and educator in his capacity as a network and systems engineer consultant, and has a number of completed projects in his dossier belt which illustrate his client-friendly services in a field which is often difficult and confusing for clients.

Drive- In- Movie-Theaters

A drive-in-movie theater is a large outdoor movie screen with a large parking lot for automobiles. Customers park in the lot and watch movies on the large screen from the comfort of their own car. This is nice because you can bring your snacks, cozy blankets and ever your dog. Usually the enclosed area will have several different screens, each playing a different double feature for the evening. Most drive-ins have a concession stand where you can purchase drinks, popcorn, hotdogs, candy and even pizza. While watching the movie, the sound comes from broadcasting of the soundtrack that is picked up by a car radio.

Jeffrey Pell

The first drive-in was opened on April 23, 1915 as the Theatre de Guadalupe in Las Cruces, New Mexico. They showed the movie Bags of Gold to seven hundred people that evening. On May 16, 1933 Richard M. Hollingshead was given a U.S. Patent for the drive-in theater. He opened his first drive-in in New Jersey on June 6, 1933. It wasn’t until shortly after that word got around and drive-ins started opening all over the country. The height of the drive-ins popularity was in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s with over four thousand across the nation. The decline of the drive-in began in the 1970’s as a result of competition from the home entertainment industry. It continued to decline in the 1980’s as a result of high real estate prices making it harder to run a profit. Today there are around three hundred drive-in-theaters left in the United States.

Jeffrey Pell is an IT professional, a movie lover, and a resident of Allentown, Pennsylvania.

6 Reasons Why Kids Should Participate in Organized Sports

The pressure and intense competition that is involved in team sports these days is making some parents think twice about getting their kids involved. However, the benefits gained from organized sports by far outweighs the bad.

Jeffrey Pell

Here are six reasons why kids should participate in organized sports:

Physical activity- This one is the obvious, if your kids are not outside playing they might be on their x-box, watching tv or watching youtube. Kids these days have way too many electronics and if they are busy playing sports, they won’t turn into zombies playing video games. Plus, they love it and it keeps them healthy and happy.

It builds self-esteem and confidence- Studies have shown that children with low self-esteem can end up with behavioral and social problems in their teenage years which can carry over into their adult life. You can help alleviate this problem by getting them into sports early. The pride they feel when working towards and achieving goals is a real confidence booster.

It builds social skills- Not only does it get your child out of the house and away from the tv but it also teaches your child important skills such as abiding by rules and proper sportsmanship. While playing in a sport they also gain important communication and problem solving skills.

It helps academically- The benefits of goal-setting and practicing something over and over can transfer over to the classroom. It shows your child that working hard and achieving a goal makes you feel good. Plus, a child that is healthy physically will have a brain that functions better.

It will help your child make better friends- Generally, the children that are in organized sports are motivated, get better grades, use their time more wisely and are less likely to get into trouble. These are the type of children that you want your child to be around since children tend to be influenced by their peers. They will also be around knowledgeable coaches and they will form supportive relationships with adults. The teammates became like a family to them.

Scholarships- Not everyone can reach the point of obtaining a scholarship but it is a possibility and something to keep in mind. If your child loves a certain sport and it is something they are great at, that could give your child a free ride to college one day.

If you are on the fence about weather are not to encourage your child to be part of an organized team, consider these reasons.

Jeffrey Pell enjoys watching and playing all types of sports and is a big advocate of the youth in our country participating in organized sports.

Camping - How to Have a Great Trip

Camping is a great American pastime and can be a great joy to you and your family. It does, however, take some planning and if done right it can produce wonderful memories. If done wrong though, it can be miserable. Here are some tips that will make your next camping trip amazing:

Jeffrey Pell

Pick your location and even your campsite carefully. For instance, when camping on the coast keep in mind the rainy season and try to avoid those times. When camping in more desert type area, going in the middle of the summer is probably a bad idea. After choosing your location, make sure you book your campsite well in advance so you are more likely to get one of the best sites. Make sure you get a site that can accommodate everyone in your group and you have a place to park all of your vehicles. Also make sure that your site will have the amenities that you will need such as electricity (for those that bring a coffee maker) or one that is close to the restrooms. That especially makes things easier with small children.

Plan out all of your meals. If you have a big group with different households, you can assign each household to bring all the ingredients for a meal. That way you get most meals covered and you can fill in with cereal, snacks or hot dogs. If it is just your family, make a list for every meal and make sure you have all the ingredients and pack up as much as you can the night before. Also, make sure that you are packing proper cookware and all the utensils you will need.

Make sure you have proper equipment and plan for any kind of weather. Check your tent a few days before to make sure you have all the poles and stakes, etc. Make sure your tent is an adequate size for the amount of people sleeping in it, unless you want to be really cozy. Double check your sleeping bags and make sure everyone has one. Remember that no matter where you go, camping can get really chilly at night. Don’t forget to bring flashlights for walking around the site and lanterns to light up your site in the evenings.

Camping can be a great way to have some good quality time with your family but make sure you are prepared and you are sure to have a great time. Jeffrey Pell is an avid camper and outdoor enthusiast; he loves to camp with his wife and his dogs any chance he gets.

Jeffrey Pell Provides Tent Camping Tips

Information Technology specialist Jeffrey Pell spends his business hours working for Convergent in Pennsylvania. When he wants to get away from it all, he hops in the car and heads for the Poconos for a wild tent camping experience. Fortunately, the Poconos Mountain range is large, bigger than the entire state of Rhode Island, and there are many campgrounds and camp sites available throughout the year. According to Jeffrey, the first thing a new Poconos tent camper should do is find and book their desired camping site location.

Jeffrey Pell

Choosing which site you set up your tent is completely determined by the amenities you are seeking. All of the sites offered will take advantage of the glorious views of the mountains. It will be up to the individual camper to figure out exactly how much they want to rough it. Along with the amenities, different camp site locations will offer varying levels of activity or a closer proximity to areas of interest. A camper like Pell, who really wants to get away from everything for a while, will likely choose a more remote location with fewer amenities and activities.

Jeffrey Pell says that choosing when to go camping is just as important as where to camp. Each season in Pennsylvania offers different sights and natural wonders to enjoy. Summer is the most popular camping season, but it is also the busiest and hardest to book in the Poconos. Pell likes to camp in the spring and autumn instead, taking advantage of nice weather and less crowding.

Jeffrey Pell Appreciates a Good Madeira

When Jeffrey Pell chooses a wine to have with dinner or even to use when cooking his dinner, he often leans toward a good Madeira. This wine is a fortified variety, as brandy is added to the distilled and fermented mixture. Named after its island of origin, Madeira is located to the southwest of Portugal. Centuries ago, when the island natives started to trade their wine with other countries, they needed a way to keep the wine fresh over long ocean journeys. Adding the brandy, fortifying the wine, made that trade possible.

As news of Madeira and its unique flavor became well known around Europe, more of the wine was shipped via boats. Sailors and those purchasing the Madeira took note of the fact that the longer the wine was aboard the ship, the better it tasted. At one point, the ballast pipes of the ships were actually filled with Madeira. This allowed the ship to benefit from the weight spread and gave the wine a rich place to further develop.

Only four varieties of grapes are ever used to make Madeira. These varieties include the Malmsey, Bual, Verdelho, and Sercial. Jeffrey Pell likes to enjoy his Madeira with cheeses and fruits before a nice meal, or sometimes as an after dinner drink with his wife. They have also developed many great recipes using Madeira as a staple ingredient. Pell recommends drinking the Madeira slightly chilled, similar to how you would drink a Port, he says you can even use a Port glass.

Jeffrey Pell Offers Tips for Visiting Wineries

When network engineer, Jeffrey Pell, isn't spending his time perfecting the art of information technology he likes to visit wineries in the United States. Taking his wife along for each visit, he finds that these experiences are great ways to bond with his family and also learn more about the wine-making process. Having visited many different wineries around the country, Pell offers a few tips for those who are new to the winery experience.

Whether you plan to visit multiple small wineries spread around an area or one winery all day, you must always remember that you will be drinking and eventually needing to drive. To make your wine tasting and tour experience fun and safe, Pell recommends either hiring a driver for the day or having a designated driver on hand and ready. A few sips here and a few more there can add up quickly. No one enjoys having their great winery experience ruined because of intoxication on the road. Another great tip involves a little pre-planning on your part, and that is to bring a wine box with you. Even if you do not plan to purchase many bottles of wine during your winery visit, you are likely going to buy more than you expect. Between finding a new variety that you enjoy and getting caught up in the winery ambiance, you are going to need a safe way to get your new bottles home. There are few things more depressing than buying a half dozen bottles of wine, driving home, and then discovering that they have all cracked or broken during the trip.

Pell believes that visiting a winery can be an experience for the whole family, including the kids. Even though they are not old enough to sample the wines with you, many wineries offer other things to keep them busy. Children appreciate the trip to the countryside, getting to see the grapes grow, and interacting with any animals the winery may have on site. If you are not sure if the winery you are visiting has items to keep your kids busy, bring some of your own just to be safe.

Pell and his wife have grown fond of the smaller scale wineries they have visited. While the larger operations will have more to see and do, they are also far busier. The busier the winemaker is, the less likely they will be to answer your questions. At the smaller wineries that are spread throughout the country, there is less traffic. Guests are able to spend more quality time with the winemakers, asking questions and learning about the operation. Jeffrey Pell believes that a winery visit is something that everyone should experience at least once.

Jeffrey Pell on the Need for Workplace Monitoring

According to Jeffrey Pell, an expert network engineer in Pennsylvania, workplace monitoring has changed greatly over the last three decades. It used to be that most workplaces were monitored by a supervisor who was on the floor, near his or her employees. They watched their employees for productivity and correct workplace behavior. With the many technological breakthroughs and changes that have impacted the typical workplace, that is no longer enough for many corporations.

The idea of ordinary employees who are in offices, sitting in cubicles from nine to five has become somewhat passé. Today, a percentage of the population does not even have to leave their home to accomplish their daily work. Between employees who telecommute and those who are required to spend their day at a computer in any location, the need to monitor them accurately has become crucial to any business.

Jeffrey Pell

Even for employees who are truly trying to operate above board and follow company policies, issues of safety and security can arise. The benefits of technological progress also brought with a number of downsides, including security risks. Being able to interface and communicate with others half way around the world was a boon for all businesses, but it also means that others can do the same with you and your company's sensitive information.

To overcome these newest challenges, network engineers and system developers like Pell work with businesses to develop workplace monitoring that is effective and relevant to the twenty-first century. These monitoring programs allow management and those tasked with supervision to keep track of their employee's performance and productivity, no matter where the employee happens to be. These programs also monitor the electronic communications and systems the employee is accessing while on the clock. This can result in catching an employee playing a game when her or she is supposed to be working, or it could mean stopping that employee from sharing corporate information with a competitor.

There are other reasons why the newest forms of workplace monitoring are creating safe alternatives for businesses. Many employees are now asked or forced to communicate via email, even if the person they are writing is in the same building. With the growth of harassment issues that have arisen as of late, proper electronic workplace monitoring can help prevent a misconstrued or improper communication between employees.

There are some concerns regarding employee privacy that arise when information technology specialists and software programs serve as corporate watchdogs. Jeffrey Pell explains that the laws governing an employee's right to privacy while at work or using an employer's facilities have not been created or finalized. This means that all employees should operate daily using their best judgment and following their company's policies.

Jeffrey Pell - The Knowledge of the Information Technology Professional

Jeffrey Pell has spent around 15 years working and advancing through the information technology industry. He is currently working in a leadership position for a major firm based in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania called Weidenhammer. The position is Senior Systems Engineer, and he is responsible for providing overall operational support to his clients on a regular basis. He ensures that all systems are performing at their highest level possible, that the environments are available, private, secure, and reliable, and he is expected to meet any capacity changes in new growth requirements that may arise. He has a great deal of knowledge in the field, and even spends his free time honing his skills to better perform on the job.

In order to be successful in the world of information technology, one must have a great deal of skill in the realm of computers. Professionals like Jeffrey Pell are more than proficient when it comes to Microsoft Exchange, firewalls, VMware, routing, disaster recovery, strategic planning, software development, Windows server, and many other topics as well. He has prepared for a successful career in technology since he began his college education, and always keeps up to date on the latest trends in his industry. A good technology professional will also have an eye for detail when it comes to troubleshooting for their clients in order to get everything working as it should. They must also be able to solve problems on the spot in order to keep their clients happy.

Jeffrey Pell is dedicated to his career in the realm of information technology, and hopes to continue to climb the ranks to an even more prominent position in the field. He thoroughly enjoys fixing things for people so that they can get better manage their businesses.

Jeffrey Pell - The Keys to Success in Information Technology

Jeffrey Pell is determined professional who is currently working in the realms of information technologies, network engineering, and systems engineering. He is the Senior Systems Engineer for a major technology firm called Weidenhammer, and continues to display his commitment to the success of the company. He provides operational support to his clients in order to ensure that their environments are available, high performing, private, secure, and reliable, all while meeting growth requirements and capacity changes. He has had strong, lasting professional relationships with his clients due to the fact that he excels in every one of his duties.

Jeffrey Pell

The competitiveness and the amount of change that occurs in the information technology industry makes it hard to be a stand out professional in the field. However, there are a few key tips that can help any professional trying to be successful in the industry today. One of them is, pay attention to detail. In the technological world, the little things matter, and it is those little details that will make all the difference in the world to your clients. Another thing to keep in mind is to always be ready to learn new things. Technology changes at a rapid pace; the professional has to keep up with changes in order to serve his or her clients. The technology professional should have excellent analytical and problem solving skills in the field. You must be able to recall and retain facts on the go not only to keep up with changes in technology, but also to be able to solve problems you may have never seen before in the field.

Jeffrey Pell is dedicated to his career in information technology, and he tries to encompass the above attributes everyday on the job.

Jeffrey Pell - Why Fixing Important Issues is a Rewarding Job

Jeffrey Pell is an expert when it comes to information technology, network engineering, systems engineering, and the latest software. He is currently serving as the Network Engineer and Senior Systems Engineer for a major firm based in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania called Weidenhammer. He has the reputation for being professional, knowledgeable, and committed to success when working with his clients in order to solve their system and network issues. His success in the field is proven by his long-term client relationships within the industry, and his ability to always be up to date on the latest technology trends. Despite the competitive nature of the industry, he enjoys being able to fix peoples’ problems regarding technology, and finds his career extremely satisfying.

Jeffrey Pell

Fixing things people need to make a living is a very rewarding career for a number of reasons. One reason is that you know people rely on you in order to get their lives back in order. Due to the technology boom in the late 80s and beyond, handy men are no longer fixing heavy machinery and specific parts, but entire networks and systems that companies base their entire business upon. Although of course machinery repair men are still needed for some industries, the modern day handy men is an expert at computers, networks, software, and entire information systems, which most companies now rely on. Being a professional in the information technology industry is an extremely rewarding position because you know how much you’re needed by nearly every major business operating today.

Jeffrey Pell gets a great deal of satisfaction from his career in information technology. He enjoys working his hardest in order to solve his clients’ network problems, and keep their businesses running smoothly and efficiently. He loves what he does, and enjoys fixing the problems no one else can.

Jeffrey Pell - Why Information Technology Professionals are the New Handy Men

Jeffrey Pell is a dedicated professional within the world of information technology services. He is currently serving as the Senior Systems Engineer and Network Engineer for Weidenhammer, a major firm located in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. He has been working for the firm since June of 2014, and is determined to prove himself in the field. He has already gained a reputation for being a natural problem solver, and has become the go-to professional when his company or his clients have problems with their technology systems. Despite the fast paced and competitive nature of the industry, he thoroughly enjoys being able to solve problems for his clients, and offer solutions that will keep problems from happening in the future.

Jeffrey Pell

We live in a day and age that is dominated by the latest advances in technology. Whether it be a matter of devices, software, or network updates, technology essentially runs businesses, makes our lives easier, and is starting to dominate even the way children are being educated for the future. Now, the most important repair professionals in the developed world are those who work for information technology companies. Jeffrey Pell believes that he has one of the best jobs in the world because he is constantly able to apply himself, solve problems, and be able to fix important things for other people. If a business or individual is having trouble with their technology services, devices, or anything else related to the field, an information technology specialist is the person for the job.

Instead of businesses calling on experts to fix specific machinery, now when their business is obstructed in some way, they call an information technology company to send an expert who can completely solve their network problems. Company’s no longer run based on manpower like they did before the technology boom of the late 80s and 90s, they run on technological power, and therefore require a different kind of handy man in order to solve their problems. Information technology specialists are essentially the most important repairmen of the 21st century, and they couldn’t be happier about where their industry is headed.

Jeffrey Pell understands his title within the information technology world, and enjoys being the go-to professional when people need their technological issues solved. He is dedicated to serving the needs of his clients, and even works on software development away from the job on his own time. He is committed to learning more and more about his ever-changing industry, and can provide strategic oversight and tactical direction for his clients regarding the range of his and his company’s services. He is truly the handy man of the future.

Amish Macaroni Salad

Amish Macaroni Salad is a flavorful and aesthetically pleasing side dish that is great to bring to dinner parties, Sunday gatherings, and any other events where a large group of people needs to be fed. This macaroni salad includes not only creamy cheese but also vegetables and eggs. Here are the ingredients that you will need.

Jeffrey Pell

Two cups of elbow macaroni
Two cups of creamy salad dressing
Three tablespoons of yellow mustard
¾ cups of white sugar
2 ¼ teaspoons of white vinegar
Three chopped hard-cooked eggs
One chopped small onion
Three stalks of chopped celery
¼ teaspoon of slat
one small seeded and chopped red pepper
¾ teaspoon of celery seed
Two tablespoons of dill pickle relish

Bing a pot of salted water to a boil and add the two cups of elbow macaroni. Cook for eight to 10 minutes, or until the macaroni is tender. Drain in a colander and set aside the macaroni to cool down.

Stir together the eggs, onions, red pepper, relish, and celery in a large bowl. In a separate, smaller bowl, stir together the mustard, white sugar, salad dressing, salt, celery seed, and vinegar. Combine the contents of the smaller bowl with the vegetables in the larger bowl and mix well. Mix in the now cooled down macaroni and stir well so that all the contents of the large bowl is well mixed. Cover the bill and place in the refrigerator for at least one hour before you plan on serving the Amish Macaroni Salad so that it is chilled when eaten.

Jeffrey Pell is a senior system engineer in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He works for Weidenhammer and has been working as a systems engineer in the Information Technology industry for over 15 years. He enjoys cooking in his free time.

Three Tips for Receiving Your CCNA Certificate

CCNA Certification is a certificate in the Information Technology industry given by CISCO to those who pass the CCNA exam. The CCNA prepares system engineers for working with CISCO products at a high efficiency and performance rate. Getting a CCNA Certificate can significantly boost your career in the IT world. Here are three tips that will help you get your CCNA Certificate.

Jeffrey Pell

  • Make sure that you use a good combination of study materials to prepare for the exam. There is a number of books out there that can help with the exam but don't spend too much time on the books because they can become a little overwhelming. Cisco provides a number of other studying tools such as forums, online study groups, and books of there that help you prepare for the exam.
  • Get some hands on experience and do some practice work. Reading and studying is important and will help you quite a bit during the exam. However, replicating lab scenarios is going to help you just as much as reading. In fact, you should split your studying time and methods 50/50 between reading and doing practical work.
  • Don’t skim over the basics of systems engineering. Every engineer, regardless of the company you work for, needs to know the basics of their profession. This is true for passing the CCNA Certification exam as well. Spend some time rehashing your knowledge of the basics. You’ll be surprised what you are rusty on.

Jeffrey Pell is a Senior Systems Engineer for Weidenhammer. He received his CCNA Certificate in 2009.

Three Tips for Passing the MCSE Certification Exam

MCSE certification is given to someone who has studied for and taken an exam about the Microsoft Windows NT operating system, networking, related desktop systems, as well as Microsoft’s Back Office server products. To receive MCSE certification, you have to take related courses through your company, high school or university. Here are three tips that will help you pass the MCSE Certification Exam.

Jeffrey Pell

  • Schedule out your time for the day that you read this up until the day of your exam. You need to set aside time to study, do ‘practicals’, and complete practice exam. Write down on a calendar exactly what you plan on doing and for how long. This will keep you organized and disciplined with your studying habits, right up until you complete your exam.
  • Study the exam format and topics. You need to understand exactly how the test is performed, what it looks like, and what you can expect to be covered. This will help you set exam objectives for yourself and will aid you in developing your study schedule. Knowing what to expect from the exam will help you start your exam preparations on the right foot.
  • Make sure that you go over all of your notes and focus on technical terms and articles. Reading technical articles will help you become familiar with technical terms and how the apply in context. Hopefully, you've taken good notes because your study notes should give a good background on technical terms as well.

Jeffrey Pell is a Senior Systems Engineer for Weidenhammer. He is worked as a systems engineer for the past 15 years, and passed the MCSE Certification Exam in 2007.

Three of Lehigh Valley’s Best Attractions

The Lehigh Valley, or The Valley, as it is informally known, sits along the eastern border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It consists of Carbon, Lehigh, and Northampton counties, which include the towns of Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton. It is a popular area to stop through on the way to New Jersey and New York City. Here are three of the area’s most popular attractions.

Jeffrey Pell

America on Wheels Museum is a small museum that features all kinds of vehicles that are on wheels. They change their special exhibit, located in the upstairs, every six months, and allow their visitors to experience retro 50’s and 60’s ice cream parlors. This is a great place to visit if you are stopping through with you kids.

Vynecrest Winery in Breinigsville is a beautiful winery with excellent wine, friendly and knowledgeable staff, beautiful surroundings, and a highly recommended café. You can take a wine tour while visiting the winery. The tour will teach you about the history of the winery, but more importantly about the process of making different kinds of wine. You can by to do the tour or simply stop through to taste some local wine.

Go on a tasting tour with Tastings and Tours located in Breinigsville. They will take you through the Lehigh Valley area and expose you to the local wine and food made in the area. This is an excellent activity if you are in a large group, or are celebrity something such as a bachelorette party for example.

Jeffrey Pell is native to the Lehigh Valley area. He was born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and still lives there today.

Technology Certifications for the Professional

Information technology is hot, and it is a constantly growing field. There is a great demand for information technology professionals, especially those that have attained certification in some technology or another. One of the leading certifications in the industry is that of the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, also known as an MCSE. An engineer that has attained this level of certification as displayed the knowledge and experience that is expected of employers throughout the technology space.

Jeffrey Pell

Despite its existence of about 20 years, some professionals still wonder whether this is a certification that they wish to get. Having the certification adds to the credibility of countless resumes of information technology professionals. It is an achievement that persists beyond each individual position. Certifications are carried with the professional from job to job and opportunity to opportunity. It proves to others that the engineer has what it takes to perform the work. Many professionals report that they entertain job offers even when they are not looking for new positions.

In order to get a certification on this level, the key is to prepare as much as possible. The experts say to start out by getting some books, attending a course that is either virtual or in a classroom and building a virtual lab on a system that is dedicated towards your certification. With the lab, an individual can gain experience by doing things, and they can begin earning their certification with a product that they already know. As they progress, they can build from there.

Jeffrey Pell is an MCSE, and he has worked very hard on this exciting career that he enjoys. He has realized the value of specialized testing and the power of understanding the latest technologies.

Oakland Baseball and Mark McGwire

The city of Oakland, California is home to one of professional baseball’s greatest franchises. This is where the Oakland Athletics play and the home of a number of championships over the years. They have had great players come through the ranks in their history.

Jeffrey Pell

One of the most controversial is the famous slugger, Mark McGwire. He has the statistics and history that screams for induction into the Hall of Fame. He is a champion in home runs and a number of stats that put him amongst the greatest in the game. The controversy comes when you consider the charges he used performance-enhancing drugs during his playing days. During the peak of his career, there were many athletes that were seemingly involved with the usage of these drugs. It is an era of history in the game that the league has been trying to move past for quite some time.

The Hall of Fame in major league baseball is a significant topic for many sports fans. Many wonder if somebody like McGwire should be considered for induction, given his history. It is a difficult question to consider as the drugs do not directly produce home runs. They most probably give athletes that use them some type of edge.

Jeffrey Pell is a big fan of the Oakland Athletics. Although he lives way across the country, he follows the success and record of this team. He personally feels that baseball will forever regard this era as one that will carry an asterisk, and McGwire should be a part of the Hall of Fame under those conditions.

Jeffrey Pell - Turning the Corner

The teenage years of the average American are filled with a variety of challenges in this modern age. Parents will quickly recognized some of the milder behaviors, which are indicative of the teenage experience. Parents set rules, only to have teens break them. Parents asked their teens questions, only to have those teens ignore them. Parents instruct their children to do things, and teens reply with apathy and resistance. This is oppositional behavior and defiance. Getting through these years as a teen is an act of harmonious family participation. All members of the family have to be committed to a healthy and thriving family life.

There are many tips that can help parents in dealing with their teens as well. Parents should be consistent in what their demands are and what the rules are of the household. They should also put rules in writing. Adolescents tend to do a tremendous amount of testing, in order to find what the true limits might be. On the encouragement side, there are ways to give teens opportunities to find reward in their good behavior. Encouraging a teenager to volunteer is one of those methods. If they have an opportunity to work with others, particularly in their age group, there’s a good chance that they will adopt to that group and integrate appropriately. The intrinsic rewards that come from such an effort are often enough to give that team a sense of accomplishment and purpose.
Jeffrey Pell was a teenager who dealt with some rather rebellious issues. He thankfully turned the corner with the help of friends, and has gone on to a career filled with accomplishments. He now lives in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Oakland Athletics

Out of the major league baseball Association, the Oakland Athletics are one of the countries favorite baseball organizations. This team plays out of Oakland California and play in the American League West division. They are a very successful team that is one amazing nine World Series championships over the years which is the third highest total in all of baseball. It is one of the first eight American League franchises and was founded in 1901 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Between 1910 in 1930 the team one their first five World Series championships. Their last World Series championship was one in 1989 and featured a pair of Hall of Fame performers and a pair of home run legends. One of the recent movies that have come out about the Oakland Athletics is the film Moneyball, which was based on a book that illustrates how a team was able to stay competitive despite having a variety of financial limitations over the years. In between its tenure in both Philadelphia and Oakland, the team played for thirteen years in Kansas City, starting in 1955. The name comes from the term "athletic club" which is based on the local gentlemen’s clubs that featured athletic leagues for men to play in. The team also engages in a number of rivalries with teams around the league. One of these rivalries is with the San Francisco Giants, who play across the bay in San Francisco. Each year they play exhibition games between one another, and they even met in the World Series one year in 1989. Jeffrey Pell is a big fan of the Oakland Athletics, and he has been supportive for as long as he can remember.

Living in Allentown

Living in Allentown, Pennsylvania is a quaint and humble situation. It is, at the same time, Pennsylvania’s third most populous city; an interesting mix of small-town and big-city. Its roots date back to the first settlers in the early 1700s, and the area has grown from then. A lot of people know that Allentown has a special place in American history, specifically as the location where the famous Liberty Bell was hidden from the British during the American Revolutionary War. This precious icon of American liberty survived these times, and many people continue to visit the museum that is on the spot where the bell was located. Heading into the twentieth century, the town became an industrial magnet with its access to raw materials and ability to produce finished goods. It was centrally located and accessible by the emerging railroad network and a popular blue-collar town. This is the whole town and current city of residence of Jeffrey Pell. He enjoys the high technology culture that has located itself in this great city. It also has great weather throughout most of the year and is close to a variety of locations throughout the East. With a mix of classic architecture and modern introductions into the cityscape, the city continues to grow and evolve into 21st-century and all that it has to offer. Many city parks and endeavors have also added to a culture of a great city to live in. The area is served by some excellent community and four-year colleges, which makes it a great place for people to raise a family as well. There is little doubt that the town of Allentown, Pennsylvania will continue to grow well into the future.

Jeffrey Pell - The Value of Certification

In the world of information technology, there is a strong importance placed upon the value of certification. When it comes to technology such as Microsoft, they have constructed a large program surrounding their base technologies certified skills and knowledge of each holder of its certifications. Jeffrey Pell is an MCSE, also known as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. This certification is one of the core competencies that is certified by the company. The process to get certified is difficult, and it can be pricey when you tally and the hours invested, the training and the test themselves.

Jeffrey PellPeople often find themselves asking if it is worth the effort and there’s certainly some debate about the experience versus certification, but modern testing encompasses experience into the structure of the tests. Getting certified on Microsoft technology is always been a value to information technology professionals but in the face of a constantly advancing technology field, it has particular importance for a number of reasons. New releases, first of all, have been coming out all the time, as technologies continually move to adopt cheaper and more efficient elements and a variety of cutting-edge features.

The job of the information technology department is to facilitate business processes, and the criticality of the IT operations could not be any higher. Certifications are appreciated and often rewarded by employers. Certification also allows the individual to build and knowledge gaps and discover things about the technology that they didn’t have a chance to get into before. Finally, Microsoft products are extremely relevant to the market, despite the focus of attention on other technologies. Most corporations run Microsoft products on their servers. The value of Microsoft certifications is exceptional in that type of environment.